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LiGER Disposable Throw Type Fire Extinguishers Vase

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1 It is suitable for emergency situation of an early-stage fire and because it is easy to use, anybody can use it irregardless of age or gender at any positions without any shaking require compared to the powder ones.

2 Fast and effective. It can extinguish fire within 3-5 seconds. When throwing it into the fire, it can produce mass foam and gases. These two things can block oxygen and suffocates the fires with cooling effect.

3 Economy and cost- effective. Its cost is much cheaper than other traditional fire extinguishers.

4 Maintenance free. There is no need maintenance.



LiGER Rapid Fire Ball ( LRFB )

Fire Class

Class A, B

Capacity of Agent

350ml, 600ml

Product Model

CTE-350, CTE-600

Stored Temperature


Shelf life

5 years







Compare and Brief Introduction:

Contrast The fire fighting problems between traditional extinguishers and Throw Type Fire Extinguisher


We have to recognize that 90% ordinary people don’t know how to use the firefighting equipment when they face the real fire situations.

Have you ever been one of those people, who found themselves unable to use the fire extinguishers in real fire situation due to the following reasons?


Your lack training on

proper effective use

distance from the fire

Its bulky and heavy

weight make it difficult

to carry when it is some distance from the fire

You need to get close to the fire and exposed to the smoke and heat


Your panic when facing fire causing yourself to

forget how to use the





Traditional Fire Extinguisher

Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

The time of putting out fire of 8 Square Meter

According to different fire situation

3~5 seconds

Operating distance when put out fire

Distance 1~2meter from the fire (Dangerous)

Throw from Far Distance  (Safe)




shelf Time

1~2years. Should to check the pressure gauge if it’s still work regularly

2 Years and 5 Years, No need to check the pressure

Environmental Protection degree

It will pollute the air and the surrounding environment

Clean, no harmful

Suitable age


Children, adults, elder people.


How to use:

Use first way: Throw The Color Eggs to Initial Fire directly, If one not enough, throw more pieces. Initial Fire Was Extinguished Immediately.

Use second way: If you are surrounded by fire, throw the fire extinguisher on the ground, open the cap of bottle and drop the liquid on the clothes or blankets, to do these things to create escape routes, and then escape from fires.   

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