At LiGER Security ™ we are proud to offer affordability without the compromise. Our virtual concierge services will certainly do what the traditional concierge personnel can do at the faction of the cost.  

  • Alteration pickup/delivery

  • Courier service

  • Emergency item delivery

  • CCTV system Monitoring

  • Provide access to tenants or visitors

  • Provide access into electrical rooms to visitors

  • Assist tenants in non-emergency situations, e.g. noise complaints

  • Provide access to the doors and gate control remotely

  • Accept phone calls from residents looking for assistance

  • Call emergency personnel when requested, (police, fire, ambulance)

  • Call parking authority when needed

  • Visitor parking control

  • Cost Saving

Imagine all this integration and value without the compromise. Call us Now 1-647-932-4290 to receive your free evaluation today!  

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