Our Team of Private Investigators has many years of experience dealing with Infidelity Investigation combined with law enforcement experience, skills and special surveillance training. LiGER Security handles all your investigation and personal information in a confidential, professional manner and our licensed case managers are always reliable and passionate, through the entire process.

Getting to know your partner can be challenging even after many years of marriage. Trust in the skills and expertise of our skilled private investigators to conduct reliable Investigations that can reveal other lies or behaviors about the partner in question, such as excessive drinking, illegal activity, gambling, drug use, sex trade addictions and many other questionable activities.

The following services and techniques can be involved within an infidelity case:

  • Surveillance (mobile vehicle or fixed video surveillance)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Background Checks
  • Cell Phone Spy Software
  • Skip Tracing
  • Social Media Investigation

We are committed to provide effective and reliable private investigation services by using the most advanced technology and tools in our investigative operation to expose the truth as quickly as possible, while obtaining quality evidence that can be used within a court of law as well as several other governing bodies.

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