• Temporary metal fencing is a type of protection that protects against intruders. A common type of fence used on a construction site can be the temporary electric fence that has a maximum voltage to keep people in transition on the site surface.

  • Lighting is another common practice for protecting a business. During the night, construction sites are more vulnerable to theft. Lack of lighting can increase the threat of vandalism, theft or burglary. Fear of being caught will reduce threats when there is adequate lighting for the perimeter. Enlightenment can increase the chances of an intruder being caught in a crime.

  • Surveillance cameras will see things that a guard cannot always see, even during patrols. Surveillance systems are used to fill gaps for better protection of the company's assets. A security guard can pass through the area even when a crime occurs, and he doesn't even realize it's happening. Also, some areas can be patrolled more than others. In weak surveillance areas, video cameras are a good alternative because they will catch a crime during the actual act.

    Perimeter protection of construction sites

    An area with a construction site can be a target for theft or loss of materials and equipment. To protect a construction site, the most important plan is perimeter protection. A construction site can make the building under construction vulnerable to threats of sabotage, theft and other damage.

    Construction sites are easy targets for the opportunistic thief; the high value of facilities and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for the successful thief. Depending on the location, each site will have its own issues of concern.

    Construction sites are subject to threats against which the management team must apply certain security measures. These include theft, vandalism, deliberate damage and even terrorism. As each site will differ in size, location, working hours and security risks, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach is to describe the techniques by assessing threats and analysing risks.

    Surveillance systems are not meant to replace security, but to enhance it. When considering the number of security guards and the area to be covered, there may be areas that remain vulnerable due to lack of surveillance.

    Whatever the field of activity, our real-time video monitoring service fits your perimeter security needs flawlessly.

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