LiGER Security Corporation™ offers its clientele with a wide range of products and services for their security concerns and needs. When it comes to providing effective security solutions, we are a one stop shop security solutions provider.

LiGER Security™ is committed to providing effective, reliable and affordable security solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs for: 

Residential and commercial properties, industrial businesses, retail stores, corporate event and venues.

LiGER Security Corporation™ recognizes that in order to accomplish our mission we must:

  • • Recruit and retain the most qualified individuals who strongly believe in our mission statement;
  • • Provide our employees with a continuing education program that employs the most current technology and the most effective protection techniques available;

  • • Monitor the quality of services we provide; and
  • • Provide our clients with a wide range of products and services, with honest business practices and excellent quality customer service guaranteed.

LiGER Security Corporation™ has taken a unique approach to the business of private security services by:

  • • Building trust with clients as a partner rather than simply business transactions;
  • • Dedicating our times and efforts to monitor the quality of services in order to accomplish our commitments;
  • • Working side by side with clients to help choose the appropriate security products and security service that are tailored to each client's unique needs and budgets;
  • • Bringing new and innovative ideas that include enhanced training and professional honest business practices to clients;
  • • Providing 24-hour professional business services and safety protection solutions;
  • • Employing qualified individuals who strongly believe in our mission statement.;
  • • Providing well-groomed, exceptionally trained, uniformed security guards;
  • • By ensuring our clientele that appropriate actions will be taken to prevent and minimize incidents such as break ins and property damage;
  • • By training our security guards on clients' site at no cost to the client. This way our security guards have some experience on clients’ site before officially working and 
  • • Providing a wide range of products and services for clients to choose from.

Keep in mind that the fulfillment of our commitments will only be accomplished by the level of peace of mind that our clients experiences while under our protection.

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